Family Fun at the Lake

Everyone knows that the Lake is a great place to enjoy water sports but it also has tons of other family fun activities!

AA lot of families plan a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks to spend some time on the water. But with Missouri's sometimes unpredictable weather, these plans can easily be ruined by rain, extreme heat or cool breezes. So if you find yourself trying to get away from bad weather or just need a break from the lake, try some of these family fun activities.

Instead of visiting the Lake, take the kids to the Timber Falls Indoor Waterpark. This indoor water park doesn't come with a sun burn but does come with tons of family fun. This climate controlled water park is full of water including the 600 gallon bucket of water that spills on those below. There is also a tree house, water blasters, slides, an activity pool, lazy river and whirlpool! So spend a day at Timber Falls or stop by before or after your day on the lake. 

Have you ever been zorbing? Of course not, what's zorbing?Downhill Ruckus brings the crazy, super fun activity of zorbing to the Lake. Get strapped into or float around in a giant ball and have Downhill Ruckus push down their huge hill. Choose from two zorbing types. Harness Zorbing straps 2 passengers into the ball allowing them to roll head over heels down the hill. Hydro Zorbing puts up to 3 passengers in the ball with tons of water and lets them slosh around down the hill. This activity is not for everyone, only those looking for new, exciting, awesome things to do! Call in advance to set up a reservation.  

Miner Mike's is an indoor playground for kids of all ages. This 12,000 square foot family fun center has the most awesome games and activites in the Lake of the Ozarks. Ride the Mine Train Coaster, hit your friends with a bumper car, get lost in the Miner Maze, take a seat on the ferris wheel or spend you time playing games in the arcade. They also have tons of food for even the pickiest of eaters. 

On a nice evening, take the family to Putt 'N Stuff which has been been voted the #1 family entertainment activity at the lake! Putt 'N Stuff has the Midwest's most unique and challenging mini golf. Enjoy one or two rounds of 18 hole mini golf. They also have one of the most exciting go kart tracks around with very fast cars. 

On a super hot day, escape underground and explore the Bridal Cave. This 60 degree cave offers tours perfect for families or groups. Tours leave every few minutes and last about an hour. Also visit the gift shop, rock shop, observation towers, picnic areas and weddings! 

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